MARTIN HILL o/a PEAK PERFORMANCE MARKETING INC. is an incorporated company formed in February 2002 in the province of British Columbia. The company was founded by Martin Hill to provide Business Development Advisory Services to its clients. The primary service area of the company at present is the Pacific Northwest.

The mandate of PEAK PERFORMANCE MARKETING INC. is to provide clients with achievable and measurable growth results, through increased Sales, Profitability, and Market Share. Our proven Sales, Marketing, and Business Development expertise ensures clients achieve their next level of business PERFORMANCE. Outsourcing is also a cost effective method to utilize Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Expertise on an as needed basis.

The Business Development Advisory services provided by PEAK PERFORMANCE MARKETING INC. have primarily been directed to the private sector business to business market segment in industry sectors ranging from manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, business services, and financial services.

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